Myths to Dismiss Before You Start A Beginners Yoga Class

by on 02-11-2021 in Health & Fitness

Starting a new activity can be daunting, but it can be made even more overwhelming when you’re bogged down by myths and rumours. So, here we’ll explore some of the common myths you need to dismiss before you start your beginners yoga classes.

You Need to be Super Flexible

We’ve all seen images of yoga experts who seem to bend like a pretzel, but this doesn’t mean that being super flexible is necessary for beginner yoga. Saying you need this level of flexibility to tackle a beginners yoga class is like saying you should be clean before you step into the shower or be in great shape before you can hit the gym. Although there is a relationship between flexibility and yoga, flexibility is not a prerequisite. Over time, yoga classes will help you develop greater flexibility.

You Need to be Thin, Beautiful and Young

While you may imagine that yoga classes are packed with the young, thin and beautiful, this is not the case. Yoga is actually very inclusive, and you’re likely to see people of all ages and physical conditions in a beginners yoga class. Yoga practice will help you to develop flexibility, but it is also great for stress, so don’t be put off by thinking you don’t meet the attributes to join a class.

It’s a Religion

There are elements of yoga that can appear to be religious, but while there is a spiritual element, yoga is not a religion. Yoga does have Indian roots with mantras and chants, and while hey can help bring focus, they are not required for a beginners class. If you do decide to join in with the chants and mantras, you won’t be converted to a different religion.

Yoga is Only for Vegan Hippies

Yoga does encourage self awareness and mindfulness, but this doesn’t mean you need to give up meat and dairy or start embracing flower power. While many practitioners do try to live green and eat sustainably, there is no requirement to join a commune, give up deodorant or stop eating meat.

Yoga is Just Stretching

When you first start yoga, the series of poses may look and feel like stretching, but this is merely the physical element of yoga. The true goal of yoga classes is moving your body, connecting with your breathing and being present. It is designed to help you release excess energy to enable you to sit and meditate. This is why classes are considered practice, not workouts. You can take what you learn in each session into the rest of your day.

The Poses are Embarrassing

Many beginners are embarrassed about sticking their tush up in the air in a class full of strangers, but most of the people in the room will hardly notice what you’re doing. They are more likely to be trying to feel in the zone; concentrating on their breathing and trying to perfect their own alignment. So, when you’re too engrossed to look at everyone else, bear in mind that others are too engrossed to be watching you.

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