Things to Know Before Booking Broome Tours

by on 29-10-2021 in Travel

Broome and The Kimberley are considered one of the most spectacular places in the world. This hidden treasure provides white sandy beaches, picture perfect coastlines, and magnificent natural wonders. This makes Broome a hot spot destination, but to make the most of your trip some planning is essential. So, here are some things to know before booking Broome tours.


The Seasons


Unlike many areas of the world, Broome isn’t defined by summer or winter; instead, there is a dry and a wet season.

The dry season runs from May to October, and you can expect warm days with low humidity and cool nights. As the name suggests, there is little rain during this season, with temperatures between 17ºc to 30ºc. The wet season has higher temperatures in the range of 25ºc to 33.6ºc and short, heavy rain downpours, usually in the afternoon or late evening. The monsoon season occurs between January and March, bringing rain, flooding and possible cyclones. It is common to see thunderstorms and some spectacular lightning.

The dry season is an excellent time to visit, and there are many Kimberley tours from Broome running throughout this season. The tourist season is also in the dry season, between May to August, so you’ll be able to enjoy the best activities, but there is still the possibility of an odd shower.


What to Pack


You’ll need to pack according to the weather to experience the magic of Broome and The Kimberley. Think about what activities you’ll want to include in your tour itinerary and pack accordingly. Just be sure to include comfortable walking shoes, sun protection, swimming gear, a warm jacket and long pants for the cool evenings and all your tech gear to capture your adventures.


The Shutdown of Attractions and National Parks


Since the tourist season is May to August, you can expect all the attractions, parks and roads to be open. However, during the wet season, this is not the case. The weather conditions often mean that tracks and National Parks are closed. So, if you have particular attractions you want to include in your Broome tour, be sure to time your trip before you make your plans.


Road or Cruise?


Both 4WD adventures and cruises offer their own sense of wonder and magic. 4WD tours tend to provide more freedom, with lots of tracks and trails to explore to see spectacular falls, gorges, swimming holes, parks, and attractions. However, cruising can also allow you to see the wilderness of The Kimberley from the water. The Kimberley coastline is stunning with secluded river inlets and beaches that are only accessible from the water. You’ll also be able to see awe inspiring waterfalls and gorges. Ultimately, it is a matter of personal preference, so think about whether you see yourself relaxing on the deck of a boat or being in the thick of an adventure.


If you are considering Broome tours, be sure to speak to us. We offer a variety of Kimberley tours from Broome, and the Instyle Adventures team would be delighted to discuss your requirements to help you plan your dream break.