How to Avoid Feeling Awkward in Health and Fitness Classes

by on 26-12-2018 in Health & Fitness

How to Avoid Feeling Awkward in Health and Fitness Classes

Fitness classes can be exciting and a little daunting. It is not unusual to feel awkward the first time in a class, as you hope you’re not doing something wrong or look silly to everyone else in the class. So, here we’ll explore some tips to help you avoid feeling awkward in health and fitness classes.


Do Your Research


The internet can be a fantastic tool in this situation and allow you to feel prepared for your health and fitness classes. For example, if the class website shows a luxury, high end studio, you’re likely to feel awkward if you wear ratty old sweatpants. While it doesn’t matter what you wear, if you stand out, you’re likely to feel more awkward. You can also research common terms for your particular class, so you know what to expect when the instructor calls for ten burpees.


Go Early


It is a good idea to get to the class at least five minutes early, so you can introduce yourself to the instructor and explain you’re new. This will provide an opportunity for them to guide you through what to expect and be aware you may need a little extra attention during the class. Arriving early will also allow you to ask the instructor the best place to stand. You may feel self conscious in the first row, but don’t want to have your view impeded in the back row, so your instructor can help you to find the perfect spot.


Don’t Shout Out


This may seem obvious, but it is a amazing how many people shout out questions during fitness classes. This is not only distracting for the other participants, but it can disrupt the instructor. Instead, try to keep going and if your position is not corrected during the class, ask the instructor afterward.


Bring Water


Not all fitness studios provide bottles and hydration is vital for any exercise. Regardless of whether you’re tackling a yoga class or something more strenuous, feeling dizzy or even keeling over can be embarrassing. Remember to drink plenty before the class so you won’t have to break off and search for water, missing vital instructions.


Go Alone or With a More Experienced Pal


While it sounds fun to tackle a new class with another beginner, it can make the process more challenging. You may have an idea of having a giggle as you both mess up, you’re less likely to take the class seriously, and you’ll miss out on getting the most benefit. Additionally, being with another beginner can make you feel more isolated as you both whisper about not knowing what is going on. Instead, go alone or with a friend who has more experience. This will help you to be more aware of what is happening and allow you to feel less out of place.


If you are considering health and fitness classes, you should speak to us. We offer a wide range of fitness classes to suit all experience levels. You’ll also find the Kaya Health team ready to discuss your requirements to help you choose the best class and put you at ease.