How to Choose Yoga Classes for Your Intentions

by on 26-12-2018 in Lifestyle

Yoga is a fantastic exercise to manage your stress and improve your flexibility. However, different styles of yoga classes can offer different benefits. So, it is essential to choose the right classes to suit your intentions. So, here is a brief guide to choose yoga classes to support your intentions.


Toning Up


If you want to tone up and become more svelte, you should consider Ashtanga-Vinyasa yoga classes. This practice synchronises movement and breath to purify the body and is excellent for building core strength, particularly the upper body, but it can tone the whole body. This type of yoga produces internal heat, so you’ll need to be prepared to sweat, as you’ll be briskly moving through postures.


Increasing Mobility and Improving Stability


Iyengar yoga classes are a great option to increase your mobility and improve stability. This practice involves precise attention to alignment through each posture. Instead of quickly moving through poses, the postures are methodically built with concentration and held for a longer period. You may also find that props are used to modify positions. This method is used to systematically and safely cultivate flexibility, stability, and strength.


Sweating It Out


If you want to sweat it out, try Bikram. This is a series of two breathing exercises and 26 postures that are performed in 40 percent humidity and 40º heat in a 90 minute session. This systematically works all areas of the body to bring oxygenated, fresh blood to all your organs, glands and cells as the heat speeds up the natural detox process.  


To Ignite Passion and Creativity


The main aim of Kundalini yoga classes is to expand the consciousness. This can help you to ignite passion and increase your vitality. The Kundalini method is multidimensional as movement, breath, sound, and rhythm is used to stimulate and shift energy. Your instructor will guide you to pay attention to your internal sensations with active exercises and mini relaxation periods to release stored emotions and psychological blocks.


Be More Centred


Integral yoga classes use yoga disciplines to systematically address the layers of the body. The classes are slow, gentle and accessible to transform your entire person. Integral yoga places emphasis on deep relaxation, meditation, asana and pranayama practice equally to help you access peace and happiness.


To Develop Compassion and Self Acceptance


If you want to develop a deeper level of self awareness, you may find Kripalu yoga classes. This approach uses pranayama, meditation, asana and deep relaxation to promote physical health and calm the mind. This method is inquiry based, so you will be encouraged to modify postures based on what you’re feeling and what your body is asking for.


To Explore Your Spirituality


If you want intellectual stimulation, the physically dynamic Jivamukti yoga could be what you’re looking for. This incorporates meditation, pranayama, chanting and deep relaxation that emphasises the living spiritual traditions of yoga.


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