Why Are Melbourne Yoga Classes Done Barefoot?

by on 19-04-2021 in Health & Fitness

Why Are Melbourne Yoga Classes Done Barefoot?

If you’re considering classes and you’ve visited a Melbourne yoga studio, you’re likely to have immediately noticed everyone is barefoot. Unless you’re a professional lifeguard, you’re likely to spend most of your day in shoes, so it can be strange to suddenly consider going barefoot in public. It is common practice and proper etiquette to remove street shoes at any yoga studio. In fact, it is considered poor etiquette to walk across the floor of the studio wearing your shoes, as you’re tracking outside dirt on to the yoga room floor. So, why are yoga classes in Melbourne performed barefoot?

Stable, Balanced Contact

If you’ve watched any yoga moves, you’re likely to have seen a variety of poses performed on a mat. Being barefoot is vital for these movements, particularly the standing poses. Bare feet provide a stable and balanced contact with the floor; socks are slippery, and shoes are inflexible and clunky. Additionally, working in bare feet can also allow you to stretch all the muscles in the foot. This can help to strengthen the foot muscles to support your arches and alleviate foot pain.

If you do have an ailment or injury that prevents you from being barefoot, you may need to consider a workaround such as grippy socks or flexible soled shoes. However, the ideal is to be barefoot.

Avoiding Barefoot Embarrassment

Since one of the primary focuses of yoga is self acceptance, it can be a little daunting to admit you feel embarrassed by your feet. Fortunately, you can avoid barefoot embarrassment with a little preparation.

The foot can be a great indicator of your overall health, so it is worth giving them some care and attention. The feet can highlight certain medical conditions such as nutritional deficiency or diabetes. You may also find that frequent foot cramps are a sign of dehydration, while your cold feet could indicate poor circulation. You should check your feet for any warts, calluses or cracks that could put you and your fellow yogis at risk. If you notice any possible infection such as sores or peeling skin, check with your doctor.

If you want to avoid any foot embarrassment at your Melbourne yoga studio, it is a good idea to develop a foot care routine. You should wash your feet with soap and water every day and use a pumice stone to scrub away any dead skin. Keep your toenails at a reasonable length, remember that if you cut your nails too short, there is a risk of them becoming ingrown. Be sure to change your socks regularly and try to choose natural material socks such as wool or cotton. You should also allow your shoes to air out after you wear them and treat your feet with essential oils. If you feel very self conscious, consider having a pedicure before your first class. Once you get into the routine of classes, you should feel less self conscious, so you can concentrate on enjoying the yoga practice.

If you’re interested in yoga classes in Melbourne, you should speak to us. We offer a wide range of Melbourne yoga classes at our established yoga studio. You’ll also find the Kaya Health team ready to answer any queries or questions, so you can feel completely comfortable during your first class.