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Team Management Systems Australia – Psychometric Assessment Profiles for Career Growth, Improved Business Results and Team Development

Team Management Systems (TMS) is an industry leading suite of work-based feedback and psychometric assessment profiles that aim to improve business results, team building and individual career growth opportunities. Are you a professional seeking growth in the workplace? A manager interested in building better performing teams? Looking to focus on being a better leader yourself? A business owner who would like to improve their business outcomes? Or perhaps a human resources professional searching for new psychometric assessment tools? We can help you.

Our suite of profiles and services includes psychometric accreditation – for the TMS suite of psychometric profiling tools which cover areas such as:
• Leadership Profiling – Our Linking Leader Profile (LLP|360) is a leading 360-degree multi-rater diagnostic and one of the most widely used solutions of this kind worldwide.
• Opportunity Assessment – Our Opportunities-Obstacles Profile (QO2) assesses an individual’s proclivity to perceive specific scenarios as opportunities vs obstacles and vice-versa.
• Team Management Profile – Team Management Profile (TMP) is our most well-known product and one of the world’s leading tools for profiling individuals, teams and leaders.
• Work Values Test – The TMS Window on Work Value (WoWV) assess how the individual’s personal values align with those of an organisation.
• Team Building Test – TMS Direct, the newest product from Team Management Systems, gives you the chance to take advantage of the TMS profiles without accreditation.

At Team Management Systems Australia, we are more than just experts in psychometric assessment, we’re about people.

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