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Finding a suitable property that fulfills your criteria could be challenging, experienced and first-time investors alike. Luckily, with more than 20 years of industry experience, REDA is there to render you SIMPLE and SMART solutions. Using special search tools, we filter real estate listings from the leading online property listing websites. We make your search for development or investment properties in Australia easy and help you crack a profitable deal.

A key to growing your property portfolio is to purchase below-market value properties. The best way to do this is by buying cheap houses, land or properties for sale. We provide monthly education, tips and ways to complete your deals and buying and selling techniques.

Our offerings:

• Deceased estate for sale
• Mortgage sale
• Mortgage auction
• Development sites/land for sale including residential
• Positively geared properties
• Capital growth properties
• Mortgage properties for sale
• Bank repossessed properties for sale
• Bank owned properties for sale
• Bankruptcy houses for sale
• Foreclosed properties for sale
• Government repossessed homes for sale
• Cheap government houses/land for sale
• Distressed properties for sale
• Renovation houses for sale
• Subdivided land for sale
• Council auctions for unpaid rates
• Sheriff property auctions

Why Sign Up with REDA?

Combining thousands of filtered searches and categorizing them into simpler data of listings you can pick your investment option from, REDA helps to grow your property portfolio. REDA platform has been designed to help property investors find great opportunities for under market value that delivers quick profits and high return on investment.

Other benefits:

• Instant access to numerous listings
• Save time
• Premium features, including personalized search preferences
• A 30-day trial on new sign ups
• $10/month there after

Investing $120/year could help you save thousands on your property investment. SIGN UP TODAY!

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