Terms and Conditions

The basics: to have your listing approved in the Business Directory, your business must:

  1. Have an address in Australia.
  2. Be suitable to view by families i.e. no bad language, no discrimination, not be adult related.

We also reserve the right to:

  1. If we feel you have not placed your listing into the correct category, we reserve the right to move your listing.
  2. Delete or not approve a listing if it doesn't not meet our guidelines at any time
  3. Edit your listing if we see spelling errors or typos, or anything spammy or against Google's terms of service
  4. Send you emails (EDMs) advertising ours, or any site advertisers services, and any news or tips about the service.

1. About These Terms of Service

(a) This document containing terms and conditions to which www.ausscene.com.au will provide its service to our Customer(s); and
(b) www.ausscene.com.au standard terms and conditions; and
(c) the invoice (if any).

1.2 The Customer acknowledges it has read and understood www.ausscene.com.au standard terms and conditions and accepts and agrees to be bound by the service agreement upon the Customer making any payment to www.ausscene.com.au.

1.3 Where the standard terms and conditions are inconsistent with this agreement, this agreement will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

1.4 The Customer is bound to this agreement upon accepting.

2. Warranty

The Customer warrants it has full authority to enter into this agreement.

3. Customer's Material

3.1 The Customer warrants that all information provided is accurate, and that you take responsibility for keeping the listing information up-to-date.

3.2 If any of the Customer's information changes during the term of advertising with www.ausscene.com.au, it is the Customers' responsibility to modify their ad/account with any changes.

3.3 If the customer requires www.ausscene.com.au staff to modify the service then www.ausscene.com.au:

(a) may charge a further administration fee consistent with the required changes to the Customer; and
(b) will notify the Customer of additional fees and charges.

3.4 As ad placement is solely the Customer's responsibility, www.ausscene.com.au, is not liable to the Customer for any error or omission in the Customer's material.

3.5 www.ausscene.com.au is not liable to the Customer for any claim for loss or damage arising from the publication or non-publication of the Customer's listings.

3.6 You agree that your business listing, like all business listings contained within the www.ausscene.com.au website can receive ratings and reviews from site users, and these will not be removed other than due to being abusive or containing bad language;

4. Liability And Customer's Indemnity

4.1 If AUSSCENE is the cause of any error or omission in the Customer's material and the Customer suffers loss or damage as a result, AUSSCENE's maximum liability to the Customer will be so much of the set-up fee and charges for the remainder of the period of the initial term or follow-on term during which the error or omission was displayed, calculated from the date of the error or omission giving rise to the suffered loss or damage.

4.2 The Customer indemnifies AUSSCENE against all actions, claims demands, costs, damages, expenses and liabilities (including legal costs on a solicitor and own client basis) relating to or arising from the performance by AUSSCENE of its obligations under this agreement, except to the extent that clause 9.1 applies.

4.3 Under no circumstances will AUSSCENE be liable for special, indirect or consequential loss or damage

5. Term of Advertising
The term date of advertising begins the day the ad is approved. At the end of the term specified by the Customer, the ad will automatically expire.

6. Membership Fees And Charges

6.1 The Customers Ad will not be approved until full-payment is received, (unless the ad is a free directory listing).
6.2 The Customer must pay in full:

(a) any membership fees outlined at http://www.ausscene.com.au/compare.php relevant to the Customers chosen membership plan.

6.3 www.ausscene.com.au will notify the Customer of any increase in the charges.
6.4 www.ausscene.com.au will not make any changes to the Customers fees midway through a payment term.
6.5 the limitation in 5.4 does not apply if a Customer requests additional services.
6.6 The Customer must pay the subscription fee to Quantum Web Solutions.
6.7 All fees and charges include AUD GST.

7. Terminating This Agreement

7.1 This agreement may be terminated in the following ways:

(a) at any time the Customer by the customer through their account management panel;
(b) by www.ausscene.com.au without notice if the customer in anyway breaches standard terms and conditions

8. Governing Law

This agreement is governed by the laws of New South Wales.

9. Definitions

9.1 fees and/or charges means any charges for any services payable in advance by the Customer in accordance with the invoice sent to the Customer;

9.2 Customer refers to the business making payment for the listing placed on www.ausscene.com.au

9.3 payment date means the date the Customers payment is cleared.

9.4  Premium Listing means the listing on the invoice which provides the Customer with a priority listing in the www.ausscene.com.au.

9.5 standard terms and conditions means www.ausscene.com.au standard terms and conditions available at http://www.ausscene.com.au/pages/terms-and-conditions.html (please note we reserve the right to alter these from time-to-time), which together with these definitions, the invoice, attachments (if any) and the specific terms and conditions form this agreement;

10. Content

Articles or other specific content within this site is for general reading only. Any information is general only and not to be taken as advice. We take no responsibility for misuse of that content through the use of your own actions.