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5 Star Trainer!

Luke is a fantastic trainer that always goes above and beyond to help me acheive the results that I want. As a complete beginner to training he has taught me so much about building muscle and nutrition that I can't thank him enough - as these are skills I have learnt for life! It is too soon to say that I have reached my ideal body shape, but I am definitely almost there & it is all thanks to Luke!

A trainer with knowledge that is second to none

Thanks Luke for enabling me to achieve my health and fitness goals. Your knowledge is second to none, and you have taught me the necessary skills needed to get in the best shape of my life, both in the gym on the weights and out of the gym in the kitchen. Not only that you have been a great mentor, coach and friend, helping me learn mental discipline and mindfulness which helps in all aspects of my life.

Roger Gambotto
Roger Gambotto02-09-2014
AMAZING Trainer!!!

I called Luke and asked for help, being in my mid 30's and in a rut. He has not only helped me to adjust my diet & perform daily exercise activities, Luke has motivated me to reaching a whole new level of life, that I can share with my wife and my friends. Thanks Luke, I'm not only setting new goals based on my health and well being, I am setting long term personal and business goals based on my new found motivation for life.

Georgina Oberland
Georgina Oberland02-09-2014
Professional - caring - kind - patient trainer

I have been working with Luke from Inner Mastery Personal Training for over a year now. He is the most professional - caring - kind - patient trainer i have ever worked with. I was riddled with injuries from a car accident many years ago and was nervous about getting back to training but I have committed to just one session a week and its my highlight. He really gives me confidence and so much insight into how my body works and what i need to do to releive muscular stress and tone up. He is also so great when it comes to the science behind food - i learn so much from him in the 45 mins session. I absolutely recommend him to any mum (which I am) or anyone wanting to get back into looking after your body - he is fantastic and just a dream to work with.