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The most common and destructive species we encounter in NSW are the coptotermes. This species lives in the centre of trees and stumps and can cause much damage by the sheer number of insects in a colony. At Flatline Pest Control we use the most advanced technology in the world today to detect termites on your property, such as the termitrac metre which works by sending microwaves to detect movement and moisture within walls. There are many termite treatment options available including termite barrier systems for slab and underneath homes; bait monitoring systems; dust treatments; reticulation systems; and inground monitoring stations. The type of treatment option depends on construction type, property and species of termites. Be aware – if you have detected termites in your home, it is of the utmost importance that you do not disturb them in anyway as it will limit treatment options. If you need any advice regarding possible termite activity, please contact us at Flatline Pest Control.

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