Frequently Asked Questions

Tips for leaving a review

Keep the review succinct and to the point. Make sure you are only including the relevant parts, especially things like date, the location (should the business have multiple locations), the product or service you bought and, what the actual circumstances were around your experience.

It can be more powerful to use your name when leaving a review (although this is not for everyone). People are often very quick to leave anonymous reviews (or by 'John Smith'), and this can then make the review lose some credibility.

Negative Reviews

If the review is negative, here are some important points to think about:

  • Try and keep emotion out of what you write. Too much emotion takes credibility away from the review and can make the reviewer look the 'bad guy'. Sometimes it's good to step back for a short time and clam down before submitting the review.
  • Don't swear or use inappropriate language. These reviews will not be approved.
  • Make it specific to your experience, and try not to include "I know others who have had the same problem too". Each person can have a different experience, and a more balanced honest review carries more eight.
  • Try and be balanced. Sometimes as a customer we can be in the wrong (which isn't always an excuse for bad service), and if there was anything you may have contributed to the issue add that in. It adds to the credibility of the review and also helps to carry more weight for the overall review.