Top 5 tips to know before bidding on a caravan

by on 17-10-2022 in Automotive

Things you should consider before bidding on a caravan

According to travel agencies and the top caravan clubs in the country, the caravanning boom that has been occurring across Australia is showing no signs of slowing down. There are currently 800,000 registered recreational vehicles in Australia, and 1.5 million people travel and vacation there yearly. This increase also contributes to an 18-month wait for new Motorhomes and RVs. If you need a van sooner, these long wait times mean you should keep an eye on the used caravan market. Families looking to change their lifestyles and evade the school system following prolonged pandemic lockdowns and restrictions are either already on the road or looking to get out there.

When buying a caravan, you should ensure that it meets your requirements and is in good condition. Although some people might choose to buy a brand-new one, there has been a delay in getting new orders since 2022. Due to the rise in the popularity of travel in Australia, there have been significant delays in the delivery of caravans. Many people view caravans as a long-term vacation investment to avoid navigating the COVID-19 regulations that still apply to international travel. The demand for caravans has made it difficult for the makers to keep up. Second-hand caravans are a practical and economical method to start a caravan vacation because of their faster availability and price. However, before placing a bid on a caravan, make sure to read the tips given here.

Know what you want: 

Although it may seem straightforward, customers frequently participate in caravan sales without considering what they need from the purchase. Consider whether the caravan is the best vehicle for your needs before diving in headfirst and making a bid. A caravan that will only be used during the summer requires significantly different attributes than one used for staying in. 

Take your time and shop around!

Attending one of the many annual caravan expos across Australia is a terrific way to start looking at models that might suit your needs. Caravan dealerships are yet another excellent location to test drive a vehicle before buying. Take the time to consider a variety of different caravans and accessories. You'll know to make an informed decision before bidding on an item.

The tow vehicle:

Beginners in camping might not be aware that caravans need a particular amount of towing capacity from your vehicle. Check your car's maximum towing capability before you start looking, and only shop for items that fall within this weight range. Ensure your vehicle's towing capacity exceeds the caravan's aggregate trailer mass (ATM).

The extras it comes with

One of the best pieces of buying advice for a caravan is to pay attention to the add-ons. The addition of accessories to a caravan can improve your travel experience overall. It can also significantly raise the van's resale value. The idea is to include the accessories in your entire budget while keeping in mind the cost of your caravan. The optional additions you require won't always be included with used caravans, so before you begin bidding, be sure to factor in the cost of the accessories that you will need to get extra.

When do you need it

Caravans are more popular at particular periods of the year than others. Price increases and trouble finding the exact caravan that meets your requirements may result from this. Before starting the search, ensure you know what you are looking for. In other words, if you know you're going on a lengthy Christmas vacation, start seeking to acquire now so you aren't left with only a few caravans to select from. The ideal seasons to purchase a caravan are autumn and winter. This is due to the decreased interest from people in taking a vacation during the cold weather.

All the best with your search!

When you start looking, don't be afraid to ask questions. While there are many places on the internet to check for van reviews, remember that not everyone's the same and not every person's experience will be the same. Frequently, you will hear one person criticise a particular vehicle brand while hearing from 10 others that it is the best van they have ever bought. Therefore, while purchasing a used caravan, keep your expectations in check and go for the van that will best meet your needs. Happy caravanning!!

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