Installing Hi-tech Solar Panels: How to Pick the Right Wholesale Solar Panel for You?

by on 08-10-2021 in Business

But the first step towards setting up a solar power system at your home requires careful consideration of all your options before buying a suitable solar panel. This article will tell you all about the different types of solar panels and which one you should go for, based on your requirements.Why Should We Switch To Wholesale Solar Power Systems?As we are all aware, the sea levels are rising, and Earth’s temperature is at an all-time high in the second decade of the twenty-first century. And all this has one root cause—global warming. To measure a person’s contribution towards global warming, scientists use the term “carbon footprint”. And if you use non-renewable sources of energy, you have a huge carbon footprint. Hence, we must switch to green energy sources like solar power to reduce our carbon footprint and save the Earth. And now, the installation of solar power has become much more affordable with the introduction of wholesale solar power systems.What Are Solar Panels?Solar Panels or Photovoltaic (PV) Panels are simple transducers. This means they convert one form of energy to another. These panels are used to change the millions of ‘photons’ present in the sunlight into electricity that is used to power up the appliances at your house. But you must remember—solar panels are not the only concern when you are setting up a whole solar power system. You also need some other parts like solar battery, inverters, mounting system, etc. While solar panels are regarded as costly items, their costs have lowered substantially, and thus, their demand in the market has increased.Different types of solar panels in the market?The solar panels are divided based on the material used for manufacturing them. In the market, you will find monocrystalline solar panels, which are the oldest type of solar panels made from monocrystalline silicon. Your other option is polycrystalline solar panels. These panels are from fragments of silicon (polycrystalline silicon) and appear blue. Polycrystalline solar panels are new to the market, but they are catching up with their predecessors when it comes to popularity and efficiency. The third type of solar panel is the all-new thin-film solar panel. These are about 350 times thinner than the silicon-made ones. They are made from non-crystalline silicon and some other elements.Polycrystalline Modules v/s Monocrystalline Modules v/s Thin Film Solar PanelsWhile buying home solar power systems, you must tell your solar distributor the kind of solar panels you are looking for. But, to decide what you need, you must compare the three types of solar panels in the market:  Polycrystalline Modules: As polycrystalline modules solar panels contain many small crystals fixed together, the energy particles have less space to move around, and thus these panels have lower efficiency than the monocrystalline panels. But the polycrystalline ones are less costly, and large companies use these because they have a more straightforward manufacturing process. Also, less silicon waste is produced while making polycrystalline solar panels. These are less heat-tolerant than their monocrystalline counterparts.Monocrystalline Modules: While monocrystalline panels are very expensive, they are more energy-efficient and require less space for installation than polycrystalline solar panels. Also, monocrystalline panels have been reported to last longer. They are more heat-tolerant than polycrystalline modules.Thin-Film Solar Panels: These are second-generation solar panels and the manufacture of these requires much less silicon than the other two types of panels. Hence, these are more nature-friendly. These are made of fine layers of semiconductor materials and are much cheaper. They are very lightweight as well. But, the energy efficiency of thin-film solar panels is quite low, and their installation is difficult.How To Choose The Best Solar Panel For Your Home Choosing the best solar panels depends on the requirements of your household. If you wish to cut down your budget, you should avoid monocrystalline panels. But if energy efficiency is your highest priority, then go for the mono-solar panels. Also, keep in mind that you can choose between on-grid and off-grid connections. If you take the on-grid solar system, your home will have connections to both the solar system as well as the electricity grid. If you choose off-grid solar systems, you will have batteries that can store the excess energy and supply power to your home at night when the sun has set. ConclusionWe hope we helped you clear all your doubts about choosing the perfect wholesale solar panels! Now, you can consult with your solar distributor and discuss the solar system set up at your house!