Broome Tours Let You Experience These Exciting Places

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Broome Tours Let You Experience These Exciting Places

Australia which is one of the world’s most highly-urbanised countries is most commonly known for wide open spaces, deserts, and beaches. In connection with beaches, among the most popular places in the land down under which is graced with pristine shorelines is the town of Broome. Packed with unique cultural traditions, Broome tours everyone in magnificent and exquisite places to experience the beauty of the red rock cliffs and the pure white sand.

Situated in the Kimberley Region, just north of Perth, Broome is an isolated town in Western Australia, which is primarily recognised for its tropical climate, and abundant wildlife. Typically, temperatures in the area run around 33 degrees on most days and could sometimes go down to an average of 13 degrees on dry seasons.

Places to Visit in Tours from Broome

1.       Aqua Broome

Aqua Broome which is one of the newest attractions in Broome is a place which has redeveloped the oceanic environment of the Dampier Peninsula and Kimberley waters. Currently, Aqua Broome showcases distinctive displays of the Broome deep water jetty, Gantheaume Point, and the Marina Reef which all can be found in the Northwest coast of Australia.

2.       Horizontal Falls

The Horizontal Falls are one of the most breathtaking natural sceneries in Broome. Even though they are called as waterfalls, this earthborn phenomenon is actually comprised of energetic tidal currents that are charging through two narrow coastal gorges. Consequently, extensive tidal activities in the area would result in a waterfall effect as the water banks up against one side of the cliff pathway, which will then be duplicated on the turning tide. Moreover, the tides in this area are estimated to have a 10-metre variation which normally happens over six to seven hours from low tide to high tide and vice versa.

3.       Japanese Cemetery

Another place that can be included in everyone’s Tours from Broome package is visiting the world-renowned Japanese Cemetery in Broome, which extends tribute to Japanese Pearl Divers who died in the cyclones on the sea and divers paralysis. The Japanese Cemetery which can be found halfway between Cable Beach and Broome is situated on Port Drive next to the Broome Cemetery and Chinese Cemetery. It is best to visit the cemetery in the morning to avoid the heat of the afternoon.

4.       Buddha Sanctuary

Located in Millington Road, the Buddha Sanctuary flashes a captivating ornamental garden wherein everyone part of the Broome Tours can practice yoga, reflect, relax, or even do some meditation. It also showcases a 3.5-metre crystal Buddha, which radiates magnificence and consequently fosters healing and wholesomeness

5.       Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park

The Malcolm Douglas Park displays some of the world’s biggest crocodiles and species such as Cassowaries and Dingoes. It is open seven days a week from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., with the famous crocodile feeding tour occurring at 3 p.m. Before visiting the place, it is most desirable to bring a hat, sun cream, and walking shoes to combat the sun’s heat.

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