Don’t Fall For These Common Hair Colouring Mistakes

05-12-2017 in Fashion, Beauty

1.Do not expect your Hair Colour exactly like the picture on the box because everyone has different levels of pigment and porosity in hair. Therefore, the dye gives a different result for different people. The best way is to do a strand test before full application. It is best to stay within three shades of your natural colour when going lighter. Try doing it gradually if you are aiming for a more dramatic change. This way you will be able to adjust to the new look and you can also back out if it starts looking too over the top.

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When Should You Get Your Kids Contacts?

05-12-2017 in Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Parenting

The worry of every parent is to know when is the right time to subject their children to contact lenses. A good percentage of optometrists feel that it is appropriate to introduce children to soft contact lenses with an age range of 10 and 12 years. Wearing lenses be more common with teens, however, it’s associated with high risks of corneal inflammation caused by the Ultra-Violent Ray's eye infections.

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5 interesting facts about the Bungle Bungle Range

30-11-2017 in Lifestyle

The Bungle Bungle range located within the Purnululu National Park about 300km south of the Kimberley town Kununurra. The range and park itself can be explored by air and foot, with Bungle Bungle Scenic flights and guided walking tours offered by local tourism companies. Flights from Kununurra depart regularly and give a great view of the range as well as the scenic attractions through-out the entirety of the flight.

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Things to Expect From Your First Spray Tan

29-11-2017 in Beauty

During their first time getting a spray tan, Mandurah WA tan lovers understandably feel a little nervous. Getting a spray tan is more than just getting nearly naked in front of a total stranger, but there is also the worry about what it will look like. After all, we’ve all seen those people who look an unnatural shade of orange. So, before you start to get stressed about Mandurah spray tans, here are some things you can expect.

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The top three Western Australia tours

15-11-2017 in Entertainment

The Kimberley has some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, and whether you’re keen on adventure, relaxing, sightseeing or exploring, Aviair has the tour for you. Here’s our list of the top three Western Australia tours on offer

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Top 7 retail iPad apps for businesswomen on the go

07-11-2017 in Technology

Today's business women are busier than ever. In an always connected world, its important to keep up to date with improvements in technology. Use these 7 powerful apps to stay in control of your business, no matter how busy you are!

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Are Online Homework Writing Services Beneficial for Students?

01-11-2017 in Business

We're in the 21st-century, so it shall be okay to assume that you are quite familiar with the internet and its common uses.

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Types, Components, Features of a VoIP-enabled Phone

30-10-2017 in Technology

Several call centers these days make use of VoIP-enabled devices coupled with an outbound dialer to effectively manage calls.

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Do My Homework Or Need Professional Homework Help For Your Assignments?

13-10-2017 in Business

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, preparing immaculately written assignment also takes a lot of time, patience and not to mention effort. Students often have to deal with too many tasks at a time to excel in their academic endeavours.

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A Brief Guide to Shaving, Plucking or Waxing Before an Organic Spray Tan

10-10-2017 in Beauty

Removing any hair is an important part of a great tan. If you want a flawless, natural looking tan, you will want to ensure that your skin is silky smooth. However, it is important that you time your plucking, waxing, and shaving before the tanning process for the best results.

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