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Paula20-06-2018 01:51PM
Absolutely horrible receptionist

Absolutely terrific place for feet reflexology, but before the pleasure, customers are forced to deal with the pain that is Sophia, the receptionist. Sophia is the rudest, most incompetent person - such a shame they keep her because she really is off putting. She tells you she will call you back and doesn’t; asks you to wait on bench outside of shop then forgets you’re waiting and gives other customers the spot you were supposed to have; or she takes people in front of you even though you were there first. Absolutely appalling - hopefully the owner sees this review and replaces Sophia with someone who is pleasant. The previous receptionist was pleasant and efficient so it can be done!

Anonymous20-06-2018 01:49PM

I think it's very important that I leave this review so that it does not, under any circumstances happen to anyone else. I went for a full body massage the other day. The masseuse (male) did my feet then asked me to go into the private booth. After massaging my back (not well I must add...more of a patting motion as opposed to anything else) he asked me to go on my back, firstly he did not give me a towel to cover myself..(so I was lying there with only my underwear on having to cover my chest with my arms).....he then focused on my hamstring and what seemed like an accidental brush in my genital area then became more deliberate. I had never had a full body massage but I felt very uncomfortable so brushed his hand away. He just nodded and stared at me then a few minutes later he did it again but more forceful....I immediately said no (loudly) then he did it a third time and I grabbed a towel off the floor and jumped up. He immediately grabbed my hand and forced me to shake his saying "we're done...we're all done". I was extremely shaken up and quickly dressed myself. As I left the room the masseuse followed me to the desk (which made me feel even more uncomfortable and upset to make sure I didn't say anything) where the boss was sat ready to take my money and I was that shaken up I paid and left as quickly as I could. People should be made aware that this is not acceptable...I have taken it to the authorities who are dealing with this matter and I would advise people to AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS.

Sam06-09-2017 11:02AM

Helen is absolutely wonderful. I had pulled my neck muscles during a gym session and incorrect sleeping posture. Tried self medicating and even went for a Thai massage before seeing Helen but was still very sore. Just 20mins and I feel a whole lot better. Would recommend Helen definitely.

Jade08-03-2017 03:42PM

Came in today for a 30 minute back massage and I must say, it was TERRIBLE! What a waste of my money. I have a very tight back, told the massage lady and all she did was pat my back for30 minutes. Di nothing for me at all. When I paid, the lady at the front was so quick to take my money,did not ask me how my massage was at all. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY BY COMING HERE.

Gabby18-11-2016 08:37AM
Terrible Business Ethics

The owner of the business really tried to pull a dodgy on me. I went in for a remedial massage. He swiped my card early and asked me to pay the additional amount by cash since my health fund card had already been swiped. A ploy to get some cash in hand?? When I ask hm to reverse the Hicaps payment, he said he couldn't - my health care provider confirmed he could have. When I asked for a receipt, he printed off a non-official one which was missing the items number (I found out later he charged it as something else) and the provider number. When I asked for a Hicaps receipt, he said customers don't receive one - when they in fact do.

So now i'm out of pocket, my relaxing experience ruined, and a sour taste left in my mouth. As we speak, I'm on the phone with my health fund provider to get some advice about reimbursement.


Sarah19-09-2016 09:52AM

I have been getting massages here for a while. The practitioners are great - however the receptionist needs some urgent training in customer service. Normally when I go here the receptionist asks if I have a private health fund and then she takes the card whilst I have the massage. Last time the receptionist didn't ask for my card and got annoyed with me when I asked for a receipt at the end. Should of listened to my gut feeling then and not gone back but today I went back.

Again she didn't ask for my health fund card. But this time I gave it to her as I didn't want her getting annoyed with me. Had a great massage, came out and she asked me to pay $50 & gave me a receipt. I didn't look at the receipt, just put it in my purse & left. I got home to find 6 missed calls on my mobile & my mobile ringing. Answered the phone and it was the receptionist telling me I should have paid $70 and could I go back. I was in two minds whether to go back. I went back and asked to speak with the manager. I told him I wasn't happy, I had paid what I had been asked to at the time and if he wanted the $20 I would never come back. I would find somewhere else to go. He chose to take the $20. When I was given my new receipt for my health fund I realised it had the wrong name on there. Finally I got my new receipt reflecting the $70 with the correct name.

But what a shame - great practitioners. But due to a rude incompetent receptionist this business won't be seeing me again!
hrtrish@hotmail.com29-07-2016 09:35AM
Always great massages

I have had many massages here and they have been great. Really love seeing Helen she is amazing. Great that they process health care as well.

Ashley01-07-2016 09:51AM
Frustrating experience

I came in and asked for a remedial massage focusing on my lower back because my lower back has been in much pain for the past week. So the receptionist went to pass on this message to my massage therapist.
The massage therapist focused on my upper back the whole time. I thought when will she moved on to my lower back like I requested for?
And then she never moved on to my lower back and finished up.
I told her. I asked for lower back because it's really sore. She said 'oh ok' and went to work on that area for 2 minutes and finished.

Overall it was a miscommunication between staff. Which was very disappointing.
As well as misinformed about pricing.

I asked the receptionist how much for 45 minutes remedial massage with private health care.
He said $45- $50
Then I went to pay after my massage a different receptionist attended to me. And told me it's $55. $5 more because I'm claiming it back she said ...

If you want to come in. You have to make sure you communicate to the receptionist + the massage therapist exactly what you want.
And you have to double check how much you are paying

After I had expressed my annoyance about the miscommunication between staff. She didn't bother to do anything about it and brushed it off. Which added more to the frustration.

Arlene01-06-2015 07:04PM
Go somewhere else please

I booked for a remedial massage, 40 mins for $45.
When i got there i asked if i could use my private health insurance and they say yes but in that case the price was higher, $50.
I asked why and they told me is because they have to fill in forms !?!? I am actually the one that does the claim!!
I left without getting a massage.
Go somewhere else please.

Drew19-01-2015 07:38AM
The massage was great

With the new east village shopping centre opened I was excited to see a massage therapist in there.

I go here almost weekly now, and have found most of the therapists great, and really good at getting into my tight muscles.

The service the front desk and owner gave was really good, and I am happy to keep going. I really recommend Kai, although unfortunately he only works Sunday's!