When Should You Get Your Kids Contacts?

by Georgia Day on 05-12-2017 in Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Parenting

The worry of every parent is to know when is the right time to subject their children to contact lenses. A good percentage of optometrists feel that it is appropriate to introduce children to soft contact lenses with an age range of 10 and 12 years. Wearing lenses be more common with teens, however, it’s associated with high risks of corneal inflammation caused by the Ultra-Violent Ray's eye infections.

While glasses can be easy to manage for children, there might come a day when your child will ask for contact lenses. Before a decision is made, it is crucial to understand the kind of lenses you should buy and when to buy them. You should know that the contact lenses are a medical device and not cosmetic; therefore, it's advisable to use them correctly for safety. You can find a range of contact lenses online at WebContacts.

So, what factors should you consider before buying contact lenses for your child?

Poor Sight

If you happen to notice that your kid has poor eyesight, you can buy contact lenses meant for long or short eye-sight. Visiting an established optician can help with understanding what eye sight issues your child is having and can direct you on the best contact lenses to buy. Ensure you only buy from a professional to prevent further damage to your kid's eyes.

Itchy Eyes

Itching and burning can be caused by allergies. But if your child has seasonal allergies, then he/she is not a candidate for contact lenses. Communicate with the eye care provider to receive tests that can help establish whether it is appropriate to buy contact lenses for your child. Constant itching of the eyes can cause inflammation on the cornea and therefore, it’s important not to ignore such signs.

Sun Protection

While some contact lenses can have UV tinting, this will only provide minimal protection to the eyes. Contact lenses will NOT protect eyes from UV rays. UV rays can be very damaging to unprotected eyes, so it’s important to ensure eyes are protected with sunglasses that have adequate UV protection.

Experts don’t recommend prolonged wearing of lenses for children. This is because of the high need to care for and clean contact lenses. Children may struggle with the upkeep of and so may be at the risk of corneal ulcers that can lead to permanent loss of vision.

After making the decision to buy lenses, here are some fantastic steps you should use to take care of the lenses;

1.Make sure that you don't expose the contact lenses to any saliva or water.

2.Always make a habit of washing the hands prior to cleaning and inserting lenses. Also, ensure that you dry your hands carefully with the lint-free cloth.

3.Do not wear the lenses for prolonged periods of time.

4.It is not recommendable to wear someone else’s contacts for any reason.

5.Make sure to wear the safety goggles or glasses over your lenses when doing sports. This will prevent contact lenses being damaged which can affect the eyes.

6.Always ensure to have the prescription of the lenses

7.Never ignore eye burning, irritation or redness which can be signs of, and result in dangerous infection.

As a parent, you should ensure your children understand the importance of contact lenses, care that needs to be taken and the precautions to take. Always consult a professional before buying any lenses. Taking care of your child is paramount.

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