Top 7 retail iPad apps for businesswomen on the go

by Rachel Kennedy on 07-11-2017 in Technology

Top 7 retail iPad apps for businesswomen on the go

In today’s fast moving business world, it can be hard for retailers to keep track of their transactions. Thankfully more and more apps are hitting the market to help businesswomen on the go. These retail apps will help streamline operations, improve productivity, impress customers and give you control over your store.


Vend turns any iPad, Mac and Windows into a powerful point of sale system. Vend is used by thousands of retailers across the globe to run their business from almost anywhere, whether they’re in another country on a business trip, rushing between meetings or are in-store. Not only does it turn your device into a POS, it works alongside different cash drawers, barcode scanners and receipt printers so all you have to do is get the app, set up and begin your sales!

Vend gives retailers a lot of control. It’s simple and easy-to-use interface integrates with other popular programs like Xero and Shopify and all works offline. Vend has a range of other features that make it even more valuable, including inventory management, customisable receipts, reporting and analytics and customer loyalty tools.


Xero is the perfect tool for businesswomen on the go who need to keep their businesses finances in order. Xero allows you to be sure of how much money is coming in and going out as you can track expense and upload receipts. On top of this, the software gives you the ability to create, send and improve invoices all on your mobile device.


Deputy allows retailers to keep track of employee time sheets all from a mobile device. Not only does Deputy save retailers time and money, it can lead to happier and more productive staff.  Through the app, shifts can be created, updated, cancelled and employees can pick-up and switch shifts as well as request time off.

A great feature see’s that employees are kept up to date through texts, email or web notifications.              


Counter was developed by the team at Vend and it turns your device into a barcode scanner. Use your iPhone or iPad to perform inventory counts, stock takes, and process deliveries and transactions, scanning all common barcodes straight into a spreadsheet.


Are you a Post-It note enthusiast? Do you constantly write down important dates, times, reminders only to lose them in your huge pile of notes? Evernote gets rid of the paper and pen and keeps all your notes, links and other content altogether in one place. Its easy to use, flexible and integrates across platforms and devices meaning you can always take notes.


The stock standard apple calendar app might seem basic but it’s actually a great tool for staying organised.  It’s quick, easy to use and simple to view. It also links up to all your apple devices on the same account mean you will never miss an important alert. Furthermore, it integrates with Facebook to keep you up with events and friends.

Retail Week

It’s important to stay up to date with news and information from your industry. Retail Week is one of the most trusted sources of retail news, providing all the biggest stories and headlines coming out of the retail industry. A bonus feature of this app is that you can store up to 150 articles to read later when you are offline. With Retail Week you’ll never walk into work clueless!

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