by Aisha Adele on 19-04-2018 in Arts & Culture

Reasons Why Gifts Are Important In A Relationship

Is there anyone on the planet who doesn't love receiving gifts? Um, no one. Here's the thing – gifts are an important part of a relationship, too. While the most important things are love, honesty, and trust, giving gifts is up there in the top five. It's isn't about how much money you spend on them, though, it's the thought that you put behind them that really shows your loved one how important they are to you. Check out some of the biggest reasons why gifts are important in a relationship.

Not everyone is a wordsmith, so for those people who aren't great at writing poetry or communicating their feelings in words – gifts provide an adequate substitution. When it's too early to say I love you, you might offer a small gift as a token of your fondness for the other person. When birthdays, anniversaries or other events roll around giving a gift is an opportunity to show your partner how thoughtful you are, how deeply you listen to what they tell you even when they don't realize you're paying attention.

A gift is an adequate expression of your feelings. Perhaps you have a crush and you've been looking for an effective way to communicate your feelings to that person. With a short note and a cute gift, you can let someone know how you feel without putting either of you in an awkward position. Choosing a small gift that shows them you know they might just be the key to unlocking an amazing relationship.

Gifts aren't just for holidays and anniversaries, you can present your loved one with a gift any time. Whether they're going through a rough patch and you want them to know you have their back if it's an apology for not paying them enough attention or perhaps breaking their trust or just a token of your love and appreciation for them. Gifts say a lot when you know how to choose the right one.

When you present your partner with a gift you're creating excitement in them, excitement which turns into happiness and gratefulness. You're reminding them of all of the emotions and feelings they have for you and building a stronger foundation for your relationship. At the start of your relationship, dropping by with little tokens of romance is easy. It gets harder the longer you've been together because you start taking each other for granted. This is when it's even more important to offer up those gifts, so don't be afraid to surprise your loved one with a book they've had their eye on, a single rose, a potted plant, a video game or even a voucher for their favorite store. No gift is too big or too small, it's all about letting your partner know you're there for them always.

There is no better way to apologize than with a gift (and a sincere apology, too, of course). A small gift just enforces your apology and lets your partner know that you understand that you made a major mistake. Your gift lets your partner know that you don't just like them, you don't just love them, no, you cherish them. One of the gifts that shows this the most is collecting items from every date, every trip, and every restaurant you visit and turning it all into a memory book for them to look back on. You've had a lot of fun together, you've done a lot of stuff, keep the stuff going, but don't forget to remind each other of those amazing memories from time to time, too.

There's a reason that receiving gifts is one of the official love languages, and people who speak that language often give gifts freely because it's how they enjoy being shown appreciation and love. Why not take a love language quiz to find out yours and have your partner do so, too. For some, gift giving is considered an art. In a lot of ways, it is, but it doesn't need to be. If you take the time to truly get to know your partner then buying them gifts should be as easy as riding a bike. It's all about buying something that is unique, personal to them, thoughtful and shows how much you listen and understand them.

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