Re-using Shipping Containers - More Than Just Accommodation

by Edward Parker on 21-09-2016 in Lifestyle

Re-using Shipping Containers - More Than Just Accommodation

With so much pressure being put on the earth’s ever dwindling resources, finding ways to better utilise the resources available to us has become very important. Recycling and upcycling are some of the methods people are using to ensure as little wastage of resources as possible. Riding on this recycling/upcycling wave is shipping container re-use.

Booming global trade has left a huge number of disused shipping containers lying around in ports and container depots around the world. Thanks to people’s ingenuity, however, these idle metal boxes are getting a new lease of life by being modified for other uses outside of shipping.

Traits That Make Shipping Contains Ideal For Re-use

Shipping containers are ideal for repurposing because of their:

  1. Durability. They have a long lifespan that stretches far after they have been retired from shipping.
  2. Availability. Shipping containers are available almost everywhere in the world thanks to global trade.
  3. Affordability. Sea containers are very affordable especially when bought used and reduce the cost of making structures significantly when used as construction materials.

More Than Just Accommodation

One of the more popular cargo container conversions is building accommodation. Although popular, this is not the only thing that sea containers can be re-purposed for. Containers are very versatile and can be used for a variety of things. Other conversions that can be done on shipping containers include:

Swimming Pools

A swimming pool is a great addition to any home. It provides you and your family with a great way to have fun while keeping fit. But installing a pool can be quite expensive, something that keeps a lot of people from owning one. Shipping containers can easily be converted into swimming pools at a fraction of the cost. In addition to being cheap, shipping container swimming pools are also very easy to install.


Sea containers can also be converted into offices. These kind of offices are ideal for job sites such as construction and mining where a secure, cheap and non-permanent structure is needed to house offices. Because sea containers are also easy to move, you can transport the office to the next site once the project is complete.

Pop-up Shops

Finding commercial space in urban areas can be difficult and costly. For people with limited capital looking to start a business, the cost of renting store space can be limiting. Shipping containers can be modified into modern chic pop-up shops ideal for use in urban areas. They are secure and large enough to house a large number of products.


Cargo containers can also be converted into sheds and workshops – an alternative that’s cheaper than constructing one with traditional materials. A single 20ft shipping container is large enough to fit all your tools and equipment and still leave some room for other uses.


You no longer have to worry about where to keep your vehicle or motorcycle. Shipping containers provide the perfect solution for your vehicle storage needs providing protection from the elements, theft, and physical damage.

Sea containers can be used for a variety of purpose. The number of things you can make from them is virtually unlimited. With just a little bit of imagination, a shipping container can be modified to suit a variety of needs at affordable prices.

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