Labour Hire Recruitment for Urgent Staff Shortages

by Edward Parker on 20-09-2016 in Business

Labour Hire Recruitment for Urgent Staff Shortages

Sudden unplanned staff shortages can have far reaching consequences to your business. They could interrupt production and have a negative impact on customer satisfaction which could lead to loss of customers. Some of the reasons why your business could experience sudden staff shortages include:

  1. A sudden increase in demand. Demand for goods or services could suddenly skyrocket leading to a shortage of workers to handle the increased output requirements.
  2. Maternity and sick leaves. Employees may fall ill or take maternity leaves which could cause labour shortages and hamper operations.

Finding workers to fill these gaps can be a difficult task. That’s because recruiting the right person to fill a vacant position takes time – a luxury you don’t have when you need a position filled urgently. Labour hire provides the perfect solution.

With labour hire, staff shortages can be plugged within a short amount of time reducing downtime and associated losses. This is because the hiring process is drastically reduced with most of the heavy lifting being handled by the labour hire agency. They are the ones who advertise vacant positions, evaluate CVs, conduct interviews, do background checks and other recruitment prerequisites.

Benefits of Using Labour Hire for Urgent Staff Shortages

Using labour hire for urgent staff shortages is beneficial to your business in the following ways:

  1. Reduced costs. Recruitment is not only time consuming but also costly. With labour hire, all the recruitment procedures are left to the labour hire company which saves your company money and resources. In addition to this, labour hire also saves you money on employee benefits such as insurance and payroll maintenance which are taken care of by the labour hire firm.
  2. Quick cover. When experiencing an urgent staff shortage, what you need is a worker within the shortest time possible to reduce downtime. Labour hire firms have vetted qualified employees ready to begin work in a moment’s notice. With labour hire, you’ll have your temporary employee within a short time to cover the employee shortfall.
  3. Skills and experience. Workers provided by labour hire firms are properly vetted and possess the necessary skills and experience to carry out the job. This means that you’ll not have to waste any time training them before they can get to work. Labour hire workers can be put to work immediately as they have done similar jobs in a number of companies within your industries.
  4. Bulk placements. Labour hire firms keep large databases of workers with different skill sets. With this large skills pool, they are able to provide large numbers of workers with assorted skills to your business almost immediately. They could also provide the entire workforce to get your project done without the hustle of sourcing and recruiting workers.
  5. Specialised recruitment processes. Labour hire firms are specialised entities with labour recruitment being their core activity. This makes their recruitment processes fast and efficient. These firms will be able to provide the exact kind of expertise you require with very little chances of a mismatch. And because of their extensive knowledge of the labour market, labour hire firms are able to recruit for all types of skillsets even those that are hard to find.

Don’t let labour shortages affect the productivity of your business. Use labour hire to fill vacant positions to ensure your company is always adequately staffed.

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