How to Minimize Business Risks With Security Doors

by Camille Montenegro on 22-06-2017 in Business

How to Minimize Business Risks With Security Doors

Protect your business with security measures 

Shoplifiting and theft are all too common and costly, and the security features you will need will depend on the kind of business you operate – for example, if you own a jewellery store or a shop that sells expensive designer items, you will need sophisticated security systems. But whatever is the nature of your business, you will definitely need at least security doors in Perth, particularly those made of steel are ideal for extra strength and durability. Folding metal security gates that cover storefront areas are also ideal. 

You may also consider security alarm systems, including motion sensors, breaking glass detectors, and window and door alarms. Keeping your storefront, all access points and the area surrounding your building brightly lit especially at night can discourage break-ins from intruders.  Security cameras hooked up to a video recording system or monitored by an onsite security guard, trained on each point of building access and on areas where theft may most likely occur (counters, sales floor, cashier area) are ideal as well. You can also install one-way mirror security blinds to allow you to freely observe what happens inside your store. If you want to take it a step further, bullet-proof security glass in high threat areas and where large quantities of cash or valuable products are kept is a very good investment. 

What you should look for in security doors 

Before you go through the process of shopping for the best security doors in Perth, remember that looks are a very important factor. Why? Because when burglars “work” a neighbourhood, they choose establishments with flimsy-looking doors, as they need to get the job done quickly and quietly. They would not waste their time on a well-secured door that is hard to penetrate. A well-secured door sends a clear message to burglars and trespassers: go look for a different store to break into. While alarm systems and door contacts are important, they are not very visible and therefore will not pose a threat to burglars. If your budget only allows you to invest in one security item, go for a strong-looking door. 

For a door to be considered well secured, it must be constructed from either hardwood, metal, or bulletproof glass. The door’s total width should be no less than two inches thick, with a central construction that is at least 1 ½ inches thick. Likewise, the door’s frame must also be made of the same material as the door itself for extra reinforcement. Frames should have the same strength as that of the door they hold. Your security doors should be built from panels made of two vertical inner poles, as well as top and bottom frame rails. Additional vertical and horizontal construction units help to strengthen the structure of your door, making it very hard to break into. 

For doors used in secluded areas of your store that require minimum visibility from outsiders (your accounting department, the room where your stocks are kept, and where your money is kept, for example), having chains and viewers, or peepholes, are important security features. Door chains are usually a couple of inches long and attached to one side of the door frame at about head height. They enable you to control communication with visitors from the outside. It is important to install them because they act as a second barrier, so when an intruder attempts to physically barge through, the chain stops him. They also give you enough space to receive small packages or talk to strangers without actually opening the door. 

Keep in mind that attempts to open a chained door from the outside will be impossible – only you can fully open it using the sliding rail, which means the door will have to be closed shut first for you to do this. 

Door viewers or peepholes, on the other hand, are very straightforward but effective in enhancing your security – they allow you to look out and recognize who your visitor is. 

Security door locks 

Another feature you must consider when shopping for security doors in Perth are door locks. Your doors should not be secured with soft doorjambs, as they can easily be broken into even by just a forceful kick. Deadbolt locks are ideal for perimeter doors and usually come in a single or double cylinder. Single cylinder locks have only one keyhole located on its exterior end. The opposite end, which is inside, has a simple rotating handle for locking and unlocking the door. While this is secure enough, keep in mind that it may be a hazard if installed in doors with wide breakable glass panels, so for glass doors, which is most common in stores, it is ideal to have locks with double cylinder mechanism. 

Never take shortcuts when it comes to securing your business. Invest in a security door today. 

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