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by Tim Rechel on 05-12-2017 in Beauty, Fashion

Don’t Fall For These Common Hair Colouring Mistakes

1.Do not expect your Hair Colour exactly like the picture on the box because everyone has different levels of pigment and porosity in hair. Therefore, the dye gives a different result for different people. The best way is to do a strand test before full application. It is best to stay within three shades of your natural colour when going lighter. Try doing it gradually if you are aiming for a more dramatic change. This way you will be able to adjust to the new look and you can also back out if it starts looking too over the top.

2.Do not shampoo right before dyeing because you need the natural oils in your scalp to help hydrate and protect during the colouring process. Treat your hair with an intensive conditioner a week before colouring to strengthen the tresses. Trim all split ends before you dye as damaged hair will soak in more colour and end up looking uneven.

3.Follow the pack's instruction book. Leaving colour on beyond the recommended time and losing track of time can cause irreversible damage. Always set an alarm clock rather than relying on your intuition. Do not try adding your own DIY touches if your hair has already been professionally coloured because you can't predict how the two formulas might react. You might end up with damaged weird coloured locks!

4.Don't overuse heat styling tools on coloured tresses. Apply protective styling products that contain UV filters to protect coloured hair from the sun. Wear a cap while swimming in a pool as chlorine is another hair colour killer and shampoo immediately afterwards.

5.Limit the dose of chemical exposure. The new Organic Hair Colour formulas might claim they are safe but frequent applications can be dangerous. Cancer and autoimmune disorders are most common in women who have coloured their tresses frequently over a period of several years. This is because synthetic chemicals are difficult to metabolise and they accumulate in the body's tissues with repeated use.

To prevent an overdose of chemical exposure allow maximum possible gap between colour jobs, and rinse well after dying. Dermatologists recommend drinking a litre of water to help flush out any toxins that might have seeped through the skin after having your hair treated. Light colours usually contain fewer chemicals than their darker counterparts. Colours that work without bleaching or lightening the strands are the safest option.

6.Your Hair Dye is meant for your hair strands only so do not try to colour your eyelashes, brows or other delicate areas with it.

7.The harmful absorption of chemicals occurs through the skin and not through the hair strands. So wear gloves to make sure that you do not splash the dye on other parts of your body.

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