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Are You Eligible for Government Funded Aged Care Course?

by Aged Care on 01-12-2017 08:38PM in Lifestyle

Especially difficult is the situation of many elderly and disabled people. For them, there is hardly any assistance from the state in coping with everyday life. Most of them only have a small pension and are on their own when in need. To close gaps in health and social services, the Aged Care Courses Perth supports different courses in setting up a care system for elderly, disabled and chronically ill people. These aged care courses are mainly funded by the government of Australia.

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Perth Home Builders Preparing For Rising Sea Levels

by Patrick Fox on 31-08-2017 10:02PM in Lifestyle

Several recent studies reported that by the year 2100 many coastal communities around Australia will be inundated with water due to rising sea levels caused by climate change.

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When Should You Get Your Kids Contacts?

by Georgia Day on 28-07-2017 06:47PM in Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Parenting

The worry of every parent is to know when is the right time to subject their children to contact lenses. A good percentage of optometrists feel that it is appropriate to introduce children to soft contact lenses with an age range of 10 and 12 years. Wearing lenses be more common with teens, however, it’s associated with high risks of corneal inflammation caused by the Ultra-Violent Ray's eye infections.

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5 interesting facts about the Bungle Bungle Range

by Sonja Mitchell on 15-05-2017 04:19PM in Lifestyle

The Bungle Bungle range located within the Purnululu National Park about 300km south of the Kimberley town Kununurra. The range and park itself can be explored by air and foot, with Bungle Bungle Scenic flights and guided walking tours offered by local tourism companies. Flights from Kununurra depart regularly and give a great view of the range as well as the scenic attractions through-out the entirety of the flight.

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What you probably didn’t know about Bungle Bungle range

by Sonja Mitchell on 28-04-2017 05:34PM in Lifestyle

The park was formed more than 350 million years ago, during the Devonian period, and its sandstone domes are believed to be comprised of the sediment of an old riverbed. It is understood the gradual weathering and erosion of quartz sandstone rock led to the formation beehive-shaped cones thousands flock to see each year. Long before Europeans arrived in Australia, indigenous Australians settled in the region. The first aerial pictures were released in the early 80s - prior to the park was virtually unknownexcept to pastoralists, scientists and the local Aboriginal community.

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How Can I Clear and Store the Crystals at My Home?

by Kris Shah on 25-12-2016 01:08AM in Lifestyle, Around the Home

Are you really curious about how crystals how can you chime some of the crystals’ power in your own life?

Gemstones are used to make healing elixirs and protection as well as part of the abundance rituals of the best healing sessions. It only works when they are clear. Cleaning your crystals is very important.

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Re-using Shipping Containers - More Than Just Accommodation

by Edward Parker on 22-09-2016 03:06PM in Lifestyle

With so much pressure being put on the earth’s ever dwindling resources, finding ways to better utilise the resources available to us has become very important. Recycling and upcycling are some of the methods people are using to ensure as little wastage of resources as possible. Riding on this recycling/upcycling wave is shipping container re-use.

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9 Reasons Why You Should Live in Melbourne

by Rita Lane on 30-06-2015 03:34PM in Local News, Lifestyle, Arts & Culture

Melbourne ranked #1 on the list of the best cities to live in for 2015 in the Economist Intelligence Unit's (EIU) Global Liveability Ranking and Report. The city bested 139 others in a data-driven ranking based on both qualitative and quantitative factors.

Those who live in Melbourne are blessed to have an enormous amount of things to do and explore in the city. Build a home in Melbourne and enjoy the following.

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Fun & Funky Sydney Attractions!

by Rita Lane on 26-02-2015 04:56PM in Lifestyle, Entertainment, Arts & Culture

As Australia's largest city, Sydney certainly isn't short of places to go and things to do. Even so, many Sydneysiders find themselves falling into uneventful weekly schedules.

If you're tired of watching the latest blockbuster every Friday night, why not try something new? Whether you're looking for a great first date destination or are simply seeking a family-friendly weekend activity, these quirky destinations are sure to excite you!

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6 Incredible Australian Inventions

by Rita Lane on 26-11-2014 05:01PM in Lifestyle

Did you know that Australia is not just an incredible nation, but also an inventive one? Australians have developed dozens of products that have simplified living and even saved lives. From cancer vaccines to internet technologies, Australians have invented dozens of products that have changed the world. Read on to discover Australia's greatest inventions!

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