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The Advantages of Investing in a Timber Venetian Blind

by Stewart Graham on 23-05-2017 09:03PM in Around the Home

Timber Venetian blinds are the most popular kind of wooden blinds available in the Australian home design market today. Depending on the precise requirements of your home/room, timber venetian blinds are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and operations. Though a bit more expensive than plastic blinds or curtains and drapes, they bring a whole new set of advantages that lead to its popularity. Here’s why you should be investing in them:

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Points to be noted while hiring a plumber

by Lachlan Robinson on 11-05-2017 05:14PM in Around the Home

Plumbing issues can be unusual, happening with no respect for the time, or your arrangements. Call an Expert Plumber Adelaide for exhaustive pipes administrations. You need to make sure that the professional you hire is experienced, qualified, licensed and reliable.

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Making Your Narrow Lot Home Feel Bigger

by Patrick Fox on 20-04-2017 04:27PM in Around the Home

We’ve all noticed the growth of narrow lot sites in Perth’s housing estates and whether we like them or not they are here to stay. Narrow lot home builders have been under pressure to create more designs suitable for these lots with tiny frontages and there are now hundreds or even thousands of designs to choose from.

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A Guide for Grey Colour Walls: Choosing the Perfect Schemes

by Tim Rechel on 27-03-2017 03:44PM in Around the Home

Grey is no longer considered to be a boring, dull or dark colour for your wall. In fact, playing around with multicolour schemes for a grey wall is the latest trend now. Don’t back away from choosing grey for your walls, this is a much better choice than the usual white, yellow or cream colour.

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Terrible DIY ‘Improvements’ that Devalue Your Home

by Anne Grobler on 24-03-2017 07:18PM in Around the Home

DIY improvements are a great and cheap way to increase the value of your home before you sell it. At least that's why the majority of homesellers think. However, poorly made improvements may in fact devalue your house, scaring off possible buyers. Below, we present 6 terrible DIY improvements that you should avoid as they will devalue your home

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How To Choose The Best Tile Roof Restoration Services

by Frank Cain on 24-03-2017 02:23AM in Around the Home

To find a roof restoration service in your area that will provide you with an excellent deal, you need to consider all of your options.

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Bathroom Tile Trends to Consider For Your Bathroom Remodel

by Carl Allen on 23-02-2017 02:28PM in Around the Home

Psssst....Want to know what the hottest trends in bathroom tiles are at the moment?

If you’re remodelling your bathroom, tiles are one of the most effective - and can be one of the cheapest - ways of making a sensational style statement. We’ve done some detective work to uncover the top international tile trends for you for 2017, so have a look at how your tile style can really shine in your new bathroom!

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How To Choose The Best Suburb For Your First Home

by Cameron Bell on 17-02-2017 10:25AM in Around the Home

Buying a first home is a major milestone for many young Australians, but it is also a massive financial commitment, which requires detailed planning and a lot of decision-making. Of all the choices to make, finding the right location for your first home may be the most important and hardest.

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What Are the Signs of a Leaking Tap?

by Service Today on 03-02-2017 08:30PM in Around the Home

It may not seem as important but constant dripping water can cause hefty costs in repairs. If ignored for long, these leaks can result in fixture corrosion, which could end up damaging your entire plumbing system.

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Get Rid of Drain Clogs Naturally and Effectively

by Aaron Taha on 29-12-2016 03:20PM in Around the Home

Chemical drain "uncloggers" are oftentimes not able fix blocked drains thoroughly and it will only be a matter of time before your drain gets clogged again. Needless to say, these chemicals are also harmful to the environment and to your health.

The good thing is, there’s a natural way of fixing your clogged drains effectively and safely!

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