6 Ideas for a Team Bonding Company Retreat

by Rachel Jackosn on 29-06-2017 in Travel, Business

6 Ideas for a Team Bonding Company Retreat

If you’re planning a team bonding retreat, you’re probably looking for just the right mix of work and play. Your retreat should be a chance to bond as well as a chance to develop skills and knowledge to take back into the workplace.

Carefully consider the different ages, interests and personalities within your group when choosing a company retreat. Whilst it’s unlikely that you’ll please everyone with your choice, you don’t want to pick something that sits at the bottom of everyone’s list!

Whatever you choose to do, make it exciting and interesting for your employees and give them opportunities to opt out of activities they’re less interested in. That way you avoid creating an intense atmosphere and instead promote relaxation, learning and fun.

Here are six ideas for what to do on you team bonding company retreat:

1. Camp Out

Camping out really puts your team’s organisation and endurance skills to the test. Navigating to your destination, putting up tents, lighting a fire, roasting marshmallows and sleeping under the stars are all likely to create lasting memories for your team. You could add in a little competition by creating two groups and pitting them against each other in a race to set up camp and make dinner. Whatever you choose to do on your camp out, make sure you provide the proper equipment for your team and choose a time of year when it’s neither too hot nor too cold.

2. City Exploration

Exploring a new city as a team can be lots of fun. As well as enjoying the nightlife together you can set challenges that will help with bonding and understanding team dynamics. Plan a scavenger hunt that takes in the most impressive city landmarks and have your team work to decipher clues. Or book a day course, cooking a new cuisine, making cocktails or learning to dance.

3. Charity Work

Many charities offer companies the chance to donate their business skills or just their labour to the day to day running of their operations. This is a great opportunity for your team to feel like they’re giving something back to their community. Working on charitable projects can put little team squabbles into perspective and rally your team around a very worthy goal.

4. Luxury Country Lifestyle

Treat your team to a little luxury with a retreat to a swanky country hotel. You’ll have all the facilities you need for big group get togethers, training sessions and meetings as well as lots of high-class options for R&R. Team members can book spa sessions or hang out at the hotel bar during downtime but you could also organise some planned activities such as clay pigeon shooting or a murder mystery evening.

5. Outdoor Pursuits

Stay in a local hostel and book your team in for a weekend of outdoor pursuits. Many centres offer specific team building packages with activities designed to promote cooperation and delegation. You could swing through the treetops on a forest adventure, get the adrenaline pumping with white-water rafting or overcome your fears with caving or abseiling challenges.

6. Beach House

Perfect for smaller teams and a great way to make things relaxed and informal, hire an Airbnb by the beach. You can take it in turns to cook for each other and spend evenings playing board games. During the day time, organise a sports day out on the beach, channelling your team’s competitive spirits into races, beach volleyball and football.

Planning a company retreat requires a lot of work and planning. But you stand to reap great rewards in terms of your team togetherness and skillset. You’ll also create some fond and lasting memories for the years to come.  

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