Acupuncture In Melbourne

21 White Street, Parkdale, 3195 ,Australia


Call us or booking online to try this effective, drug-free pain relief acupuncture for pain conditions in our clinic. Our acupuncture clinic is located at 21 white street Parkdale in Victoria Melbourne bayside area with onsite parking. We offer you personalized and empathic Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture healthcare. We use acupuncture; high quality TGA approved Chinese herbs, cupping, diet regimes and exercise therapies, to help you. Acupuncture treatment is able to restore anybody back to its normal state and optimum wellbeing, correcting imbalances and removing toxicities and imperfections. We provide patent herbal medicine in pills or tablet form and granular (concentrated powder form) herbs which can easily taken for your convenience. All herbs are under strict supervision of Australian-certified TGA. Call us today & book your Appointment!

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